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Horizontal machining centres score at MACH 2008

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Builder of horizontal machining centres and systems, heller Machine Tools, reported an excellent variety of visitors and their commitment to purchase in the foreseeable future.

"Results from this MACH more than justified our presence at the show," said managing director of Heller Machine Tools in Redditch, UK He said: "Our results from MACH indicate clearly the importance of the specialist in today’s industry and the ever-increasing need customers have for expertise from their machine tool partner"

Lloyd continued: "Essence of the MACH show for Heller was the variety of visitors and their commitment to purchase in the foreseeable future.

Designed to provide the optimum horizontal machining process whatever the application, the new H series enables smaller companies and first time users of horizontal machining centres to take advantage of the full range of Heller’s capabilities at an economic and affordable cost".

He added: "As everyone knows, visitor numbers were higher for this show than have been recorded for many years, what those figures don’t reveal is that quality of those visitors, and their commitment to purchasing, was also much higher than previously.

We also received many overseas visitors, far more than at past shows, including delegations from Russia, China and India.

They showed serious interest in our machines – the Russian delegation visited our factory in Redditch to discuss specific requirements".

The latest UK-built H- series horizontal machining centres (HMC) optimise performance, furnish maximum profitability and best- practice production processes.

They provide excellent cutting performance and machine reliability combined with ease of operation and ease of maintenance.

The HMCs minimise idle time using minimal positioning times: such as remove the need for extreme rapid traverse and acceleration rates, so the machines are not subjected to extreme loads, enhancing machine life and providing a saving in energy costs.

Of modular design, the series includes the ‘entry- level’ H-1000 and 3000, and the H-2000 and 4000 for high volume environments.

All machines in the series have optional packages intended to make the machines easy and economical to customise: for instance there is Heller’s ‘Speed Pack’ for the high speed machining of light metals. Request free introductory details about products from Heller Machine Tools …

Lloyd concluded: "We have been impressed by the activity at MACH, and the response to the H-series gives us great confidence for our future.".

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