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High temp materials benefit heavy duty

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Designed to be self-lubricating at high temperatures, the Metcar grades M-199 and M-201 carbon/graphite copper impregnated materials operate without lubricants.

Metallized Carbon Corporation (MCC) has developed its Metcar grades M-199 and M-201 high temperature mechanical materials The carbon/graphite copper impregnated materials will operate without lubrication in dry and dust prone environments

This proprietary copper impregnation greatly increases the load carrying capacity for bearings and thrust washers manufactured from these self-lubricating materials, said MCC.

For operating temperatures between 400-750 deg F, these Metcar grades are ideal for bearings and thrust washers in a variety of applications, said MCC.

Applications include the following.

* Kiln cars.

* Continuous dryers.

* Dust conveyors.

* Ventilating dampers.

* Furnaces.

* High temperature conveyors.

* Applications where conventional lubricants would break down and fail.

Bearings manufactured from Metcar materials are self-lubricating, non-galling, dimensionally stable and have high compressive strength.

Boasting high electrical conductivity, high load capacity and wear resistance, these materials are completely homogenous and provide continuous lubrication for their service life.

MCC said the materials are excellent for bearings and bearing assemblies operating under extreme temperature conditions.

* About Metallized Carbon Corporation – since its inception in 1945, Metallized Carbon Corporation has been manufacturing high-quality, dependable bearing solutions for severe operating environments.

With over 60 years of application engineering experience, Metallized Carbon offers the field expertise and data necessary to provide ‘The Solid Choice for Lubrication’ in a wide variety of industries, supplying completely machined components as well as materials for customer machining.

Metallized Carbon is ISO certified and produces the Metcar brand of solid, oil-free, self-lubricating materials.

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