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High Quality Preform Mould

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SinoMould has made preform moulds for more than 25 years, and through the rich experience from long-time preform mould manufacturing, SinoMould has established a complete set system of perfect preform mould structure and quality to ensure the long mould life and precision preform sizes.


How SinoMould makes high quality preform mould?


– Mould Steel

Core and cavity use S136 stainless steel with HRC45-48, mould base is P20 steel, guarantee mould life is 5 million shots.

– Mould Structure

Every mould cavity is self-lock, they can be interchangeable for easily maintenance in the future.

And every 8 cavities, we will provide extra set of core and cavity insert for free.

– Gate System

Preform moulds of SinoMould usually use full hot runner valve gate, it can control better injection weight of each cavity, drived in air for valve pin moving.

– Mould Components

SinoMould uses high quality and world famous components for preform moulds, such as valve pin is Punch made in Japan, sealing ring is HALLITE from UK, and insulator cap is from USA etc.

– Mould Tooling

Preform moulds will be tooled by high speed lathe machine which has precision tooling tolerance, which can ensure each cavity within tolerance and wall thickness balance.


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