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High precision milling tooling

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High precision tooling machine is very important to make precision mould.For precision tooling,there include precision wire cutting,precision milling machine,precision EDM tooling,etc.

Sometimes,mould customer will have doubt about the mould price from different suppliers,even the companies are in the same city,quote for the same product.For the mould price,there is not only means mould steel material,also include mould design,mould tooling and mould inspection.

For example,disposable cutlery mould,disposable cutlery is widely used in the fast eating,so also a high requirement for the disposable cutlery moulds.For the disposable cutleries,the parting line must be very nice,there is no flash and burrs on the product.In Sino Mould,we use high speed milling machine for precision tooling.That’s why we could get very good spoons,knifes and forks,and the mould cost is also different from CNC tooling moulds.

A high quality mould consists of good mould design,precision tooling,fast delivery time,long mould life,easily mould maintenance and prompt after sales service.Please feel free to contact me if there is any question.

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