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Heating Elements for Hot Runners

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The German process heating specialist Friedrich Freek GmbH is presenting several distinguished lines of heating elements for hot runners at the 18th Fakuma. These include slim nozzle heaters for microinjection moulding and Xtreme heaters for demanding applications. Visitors to Fakuma can also examine HotMicroCoil heating elements for hot runners, highly innovative cartridge heaters, tubular heaters, and infrared and flat heating elements at the Friedrich Freek stand.

For microinjection moulding, Freek will display its new flexible 3.3-mm (i.e., 3.0 x 3.0-mm) channel heater along with a 1.0 x 1.6-mm HotMicroCoil, the smallest standard heating element available in the market (photo). Superslim, with a reflection tube having a 1.3-mm wall thickness, these nozzle heaters feature remarkable durability and a variable design. Freek backs these mini–heating systems with quick service and flexible delivery.

Heating elements labelled Xtreme hold tight in high humidity (Xtreme H2O), resist temperatures at the transition area as high as 450°C (Xtreme 450), or operate with maximum output (Xtreme Power). Additionally, Freek offers custom solutions for special market requirements, such as the TandemPower type with a limp-home function and the MultiPower version, which provides up to three separate heating zones.

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