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Haas mini mill has longer axis travels

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Haas Automation’s Super Mini Mill 2 has higher speeds and feeds, a 10,000 rev/min ISO 40-taper spindle, an 11,2kW vector drive system and a high-speed tool changer..

Haas said that when it nroduced the Mini Mill in 2000, it quickly became one of the best selling machines in the company’s history Its combination of small footprint, full CNC capabilities and low price were unheard of in the industry.

Haas said that its later Super Mini Mill added even more capabilities, while maintaining the same compact footprint and affordability.

* Longer axis travels – for 2008, Haas has introduced the Mini Mill 2.

It is a versatile cnc machining centre with all the attractive features of the original Haas Mini Mill, but has extended travels of 510 x 405 x 355mm (X-, Y- and Z-axis respectively), represnting a 100mm increase on each axis.

The Mini Mill 2 features a standard ISO 40-taper spindle running at up to 6,000 rev/min.

It is powered by a 5.6kW vector drive system.

The 1015 x 355mm T-slot table provides plenty of room for multiple fixtures or a single- or dual-axis rotary table.

Rapid feeds are 15.2m/min, with up to 12.7m/min cutting feeds.

Standard equipment includes the following.

* A 15in colour LCD monitor with USB port.

* A 10-pocket carousel-style tool changer.

* 1 MB of program memory.

For machine shops needing more tools, the Mini Mill 2 has options for either a 20-pocket carousel tool changer or a 24+1 tool side-mount.

Other options include 4th- and 5th-axis drives, a programmable coolant nozzle, high-speed machining software, Haas’ Intuitive Programming system, a chip auger and more.

The new Super Mini Mill 2 will be available later in 2008.

It has the same travels as the MM2, but offers higher speeds and feeds, and more available options.

It will come standard with a 10,000 rev/min ISO 40-taper spindle, a 11,2kW vector drive system, a high-speed tool changer and 30.5 m/min rapid feeds.

A coolant system and rigid tapping are also standard.

High-productivity options for the Super Mini Mill 2 include a 15,000 rev/min spindle, a high-speed 24+1 tool side-mount tool changer, through-spindle coolant, 4th- and 5th-axis drives and more.

Built in the USA by Haas, the new Mini Mill 2 and Super Mini Mill 2 are backed by the worldwide network of Haas Factory Outlets – the most extensive system of support and service in the industry, said Haas Automation.

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