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Gas assist mold suppliers China

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Are you looking for gas assist mold suppliers China?

Nowadays, gas assist molds are widely practiced, because gas assist mold is really cost reduction (material saving ) to plastic manufacturers.
Sinomould has become the most reliable gas assist mold suppliers China. It owns the most advanced tooling machines with newest gas assist equipments.

In 2011, Sinomould has successfully made more than 20 gas assist molds, including gas assist toy molds, gas assist autoparts molds – e.g. auto panels, gas assist furniture molds-e.g. chairs, table tops, gas assist home appliance molds-e.g. refrigerators, TV sets….

If you are interested to invest a gas assist mold in China, we are your best choice! Our professional design with mold flow analysis to enhance the hollowing-out of thick areas. We are aim to be the best gas assist mold suppliers in the word!

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