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Floor mats in Makrolon? – Gliding office chairs

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Part design:

A comfortable office is the norm today, and this includes having a swiveling office chair, mounted on castors, to sit on. If the office is fitted with a long-pile carpet, however, moving the chair around can require a great deal of energy. RS Office Products GmbH has come up with an ingenious solution here in the form of its Transstat® floor-protection mats in Makrolon®.

These mats in Bayer MaterialScience´s material, Makrolon®, are noted for their very high impact strength, and their resistance to fracture and scratches. They will withstand castors and are flame resistant, in accordance with DIN EN 12529. They reduce footstep sound and noise, and are recyclable.

When floor-protection mats are to be used on smooth, hard floors, they have an anti-slip layer of polyurethane added to them; this is thermally welded onto the Makrolon® in a single operation. Small protrusions on the underneath are provided to keep mats that are used on fitted carpets in place.

A grounding module eliminates static electricity via the ground conductor in the mains socket. Unpleasant discharges are thus kept away from people and technical equipment.

The mats are eminently suitable for those suffering allergies, since they contain no hazardous or harmful substances.

The mats have a high level of environmental compatibility and have been awarded the "Blue Angel" environmental label.

The semi-finished products are manufactured by Bayer Sheet Europe, while RS Office Products holds exclusive rights for cutting the mats to size and packing them. The mats are then sold via a number of mail-order companies.

The floor-protection mats bear the Makrolon® logo as a quality seal.

Detailed Information:

Product: Makrolon   


Co-injection molding( sandwitch molding, multi-material molding)

Description and comparison of the special processes of multi-component injection molding taking the example of a tail-light cover. Rear lights for the automotive industry are plastic parts manufactured in various colors and color combinations. They usually consist of three colors: red, yellow and transparent. Use is sometimes made of the multi-color injection molding method (up to five colors), which is regarded as a multi-component injection molding process. The term "multi-component injection molding" embraces various methods that are used to produce a complete component of different plastics in one manufacturing process. It can also be used to manufacture parts of incompatible plastics (providing they do not react with one another), and for joining compatible materials, for example, in rigid/rigid or rigid/flexible versions.


An extrusion line consists of one or more extruders (generally with a vented barrel so that no drying is necessary), a slit die or profile die, a calender for smoothing or profiling the extrudate, a cooling section, a take-off unit and a fabricating unit (sawing, punching or cutting device), with which the extrudate can be cut to the desired length. The net result is sheet, semi-finished products or profiles.

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