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Fette GmbH Celebrates 100th Anniversary

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The precision tool and machine manufacturer Fette GmbH celebrated its 100th anniversary in June with a varied programme of events. The motto for the anniversary programme was “Progress through People and Innovations.”

The three-day festivities began on June 19 with two professional symposia in which more than 200 invited experts took part. On the next day, the Innovation and Training Center of the Leitz Metalworking Technology (LMT) Group, Fette’s parent company, was formally opened. Finally, on the third day, interested visitors could look behind the scenes on the premises of the toolmaking and machine construction company during a Saturday open house.

Fette develops and produces pharmaceutical tableting presses and precision tools for industrial metalworking. Each of these core competencies was the focus of a symposium on Thursday.

At the opening of the Innovation and Training Center, special guests were Dietrich Austermann, minister of economics for Schleswig-Holstein, who delivered a message from the state government; Prof. Lothar Späth, industry advocate and former minister president of Baden-Württemberg, who was the keynote speaker; and Manfred Wittenstein, president of the German manufacturing technology association VDMA. Other dignitaries also attended.

The tools produced by Fette GmbH range in use from micromilling machines for producing close-tolerance watch casings or medical devices, to special milling machines for producing cog wheels and tools that can be used to produce a broad diversity of threading. These are all applications in which Fette claims to be world leader. Lately, Fette has also taken a leading role in the manufacture of tableting presses.

The open house on June 21 gave visitors an opportunity to learn more about the complex technology behind such applications. There, the tool and machine construction experts of Fette provided a view of what goes on at a modern industrial operation.

The toolmaker Wilhelm Fette founded the company in Altona near Hamburg in 1908. In 1948, operations in Hamburg Altona and Hamburg Bergedorf were brought together in a new facility in Schwarzenbek, east of the large city. The Leitz Group acquired the company, then named Wilhelm Fette GmbH and owned by Saarbergwerke AG, in 1988. This was Leitz’s first acquisition of metalworking expertise and the kernel of what would become the LMT Group of companies.

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