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Faro Integrates Tebis Software into CMMs

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At EuroMold December 5–8 in Frankfurt, Germany, Faro, the specialist in portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), will publicize the link to Tebis software that the company now offers for its FaroArm product. The application will be shown in use with a Lamborghini body.

“We are pleased to present this software solution in Frankfurt, as customers have repeatedly expressed the need to link the FaroArm to the Tebis software,” explains Kai Gärtling, the senior regional manager of Faro who has responsibility for the Tebis project. Gärtling notes that tests involving users, including the toolmaking department of Volkswagen, have been successful. “The solution enables the user to transfer the scan data of the tools directly into the tool coordinate system for further processing without using a third-party software,” he says.

Tebis RSC is highly regarded as a surface reverse-engineering package for designed surfaces, particularly for its easy handling. Thus, Faro found it logical to link the technology to the flexible scanning system of its FaroArm. The link provides a quick, accurate solution if surfaces are missing or if current data is not available. Applications include repairs in tool manufacturing and the production of all kinds of duplicates.

Tebis facilitates surface creation and the digitization of 3D objects. The user simply connects the Faro Laser ScanArm to Tebis, calibrates the probe and scanner, and then starts scanning the object. Afterward, the data gathered from scanning is edited in Tebis and built with RSC surfaces.

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