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EuroMold Pavilion at Rosmould Proves Popular

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-06-14 Comments Off on EuroMold Pavilion at Rosmould Proves Popular

Six months before Rosmould 2008 opens in Moscow this June 17, the EuroMold Pavilion being organized for that trade fair by DEMAT GmbH is already attracting numerous exhibitors. The pavilion offers exhibitors a chance to open the door to the Russian market through an effective on-site venue, specifically by meeting potential customers and business partners.

The EuroMold Pavilion offers more than just a stall. It is a full-service package that includes interpreters, polyglot hostesses, a VIP lounge, catering, and more.

At last year’s Rosmould, the EuroMold Pavilion was heavily visited. DEMAT reports that all its EuroMold exhibitors did well. Continuous and face-to-face relations with customers are very important in the Russian marketplace. Also, more and more Russian companies have cash to invest in state-of-the-art machinery.

The demand for capital goods in Russia is increasing, as the major exporters to this market—Germany, Italy, and the USA—well know. Since this demand should be steady for many years, Western companies now have a good opportunity to start doing business in Russia and to pave the way for cooperative business arrangements.

More than 8,500 trade visitors attended Rosmould in 2007 to learn about the latest developments in mould making and tooling, machine tools, rapid manufacturing, CAD/CAM, software, and design and engineering.

This year, DEMAT, which also organizes the annual EuroMold world fair for mould making and tooling, design, and application development, expects more exhibitors to participate in the EuroMold Pavilion at Rosmould than took part in 2007.

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