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EuroMold Pavilion at RosMould Keeps Growing

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At the mould making and tooling fair RosMould 2008 in June, the exhibition space occupied by the EuroMold Pavilion organized by DEMAT GmbH was 110% greater than in 2007. Eighteen medium-sized businesses from Germany, Austria, and Hungary took part in the second EuroMold Pavilion opportunity in Russia. All of them said they made valuable contacts and created business networks.

DEMAT expects a strong increase in the size of the pavilion in 2009. The exhibition space at RosMould 2009, taking place next June 3–5, will be 400 m², an increase of 35% from this year’s 260 m². The number of exhibitors also will increase, of course. Seven of the 18 participants this year have already committed to repeating in 2009.

Russia today is an enormous growth marketplace within reach of Western Europe. Megacities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg are only two or three hours from Germany by air. Because the Russian economy cannot satisfy the huge domestic industrial demand for goods and services, it relies on Russian manufacturers cooperating with foreign companies.

RosMould made a good showing in 2008. With 240 international exhibitors from 23 countries, the fair occupied 40% more exhibition space—a total of 6,500 m²—than in 2007. The percentage of Russian exhibitors dropped to 50% as more companies from other countries made an appearance. Germany led the foreign countries, with firms from that country constituting 12% of exhibitors. China followed with 8.9%, and then Portugal with 7%.

The EuroMold Pavilion is one of several international projects representing extensions of EuroMold, the World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development. The 15th EuroMold will be held at the Frankfurt, Germany, Fairground December 3–6, 2008. DEMAT GmbH will organize another EuroMold Pavilion at DieMould India 2010. Also, the organizer will, for the second time, arrange Asiamold in cooperation with Messe Frankfurt. Asiamold 2008 takes place September 24–26 in Guangzhou, China.

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