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EuroMold 2007 Pronounced a Success

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The 14th edition of EuroMold, the world fair for mould making and tooling, design, and application development, was pronounced successful by DEMAT GmbH, the show organizer. EuroMold 2007 attracted 61,720 industry visitors from 83 countries to Frankfurt in early December, 2.1% more than in 2006.

Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Döring of the exhibition management said, in his inaugural address, “DEMAT GmbH tries to make the fair better every year. The feedback and the critical arguments of the exhibitors are very important for us to achieve this target.”

More than 1,650 exhibitors from 43 countries took part in EuroMold 2007, most of them expressing satisfaction with the quality of attendees, the discussions at the stands, and the contacts established.

By far, more foreign exhibitors at EuroMold 2007 came from China than any other country (21.36%), with Italy (10.23%), South Korea (6.58%), the UK (4.94%), and Switzerland (4.75%) also being well represented. France, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, USA, Austria, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong, and Portugal were next in order.

Again in 2007, exhibitors from the mould making and tooling sector led the field, constituting almost exactly a quarter of the total. Next, at nearly 10%, was pattern making and prototyping. Other industry areas with many exhibitors were rapid prototyping and tooling, engineering, computer software and hardware, machine tools, cutting tools, and design.

Highlights of the international-flavoured trade fair included forums on China and India, in which businesspeople already operating successfully in those countries shared their lessons and experiences with visitors interested in extending their mould making and tooling business activities into these exciting but potentially challenging markets.

Also drawing attention was the special show mold + Die Center. Thirty participating companies showed step by step on-site how a high-quality commercial product is designed and manufactured by many hands in a coordinated process chain.

Another special feature of EuroMold 2007 was the presentation of the EuroMold Awards in gold, silver, and bronze to honour companies that had developed an innovative product, concept, or service. Oskar Frech GmbH + Co. KG received the third-place bronze award for a reduced-sprue zinc die-casting process that results in better casting quality and reduced costs. The silver award went to BBG GmbH & Co. KG, which, in cooperation with Solarzentrum Allgäu, developed a module consisting of a solar collector and a photovoltaic system that allows the use of solar energy simultaneously for water heating, house heating, and the production of electricity.

The award in gold went to Objet Geometries Ltd. for its Connex500™, the first 3D-printing system that allows diverse materials with different mechanical or physical characteristics to be used simultaneously.

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