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ERP and 3D model analysis software introduced

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At the USA’s IMTS, Sescoi will launch its WorkPLAN Enterprise ERP system for project based companies, and WorkXPlore 3D for viewing, mark-up and analysis of 3D models.

Sescoi will be showing its WorkPLAN Enterprise ERP system for project based (MTO, ETO) companies, and WorkXPlore 3D, its new high speed software for viewing, mark-up and analysis of 3D models for the first time at the USA’s IMTS international machine tool show * Latest ERP – WorkPLAN Enterprise is Sescoi’s new generation ERP system.

It offers companies a comprehensive system for streamlining and automating all aspects of their business including quotations, sales order processing, scheduling, quality, time, purchasing and stock management.

Tools within the software enable users to analyze CAD and CAM data that, combined with historical data, result in fast, accurate quotations.

As with all Sescoi’s software, ease of use has been designed into WorkPLAN Enterprise.

Sescoi told manufacturingtalk that ‘ease of use is one of the most important considerations when assessing any software’, as acceptance of new software by a company’s staff will ensure full success of its implementation.

For managers, the system will enable them to monitor key performance indicators, make decisions based on facts, and optimize productivity.

* Importing large, complex 3D CAD models – collaborative working is accelerated and simplified with Sescoi’s second new product launching at the Show.

Its award winning WorkXPlore 3D software can quickly import and handle even large, complex 3D CAD models from all well known CAD packages, enabling users to interrogate, view, mark-up, analyse and share CAD data around an organisation.

Saving the cost of investment in expensive design packages, Sescoi said that WorkXPlore 3D will help companies to optimise their design and manufacturing processes and bring products to market faster.

From its IMTS booth, Sescoi will offer a free viewer version of WorkXPlore 3D which also includes the software’s top of the range ‘Manufacturing Pro’ version functionality for a 30 day trial period.

* CAD/CAM software – the latest version of Sescoi’s automatic CAD/CAM software, WorkNC G3, features an integrated and ergonomic interface that combines design, analysis, programming and verification into one environment for ease of use and intuitive operation.

New algorithms within the software produce smooth transitions between cuts, as well as trochoidal movements where appropriate to achieve steady tool loads and a high quality surface finish.

5-axis machining in WorkNC includes the company’s ground breaking Auto 5, which automatically translates 3-axis toolpaths into 5-axis, allowing more of the part to be reached in one setting and enabling the use of shorter and more rigid cutters for improved quality.

Sescoi said it so confident of WorkNC’s performance that it invites visitors to bring their CAD data to the Sescoi booth for live CAM presentations.

* Reducing machining cycle times by 20% – Sescoi will demonstrate how WorkNC’s integrated NCspeed module can produce additional cycle time reductions of up to 20% using proven technology developed by German company, Formtec.

NCspeed is particularly effective when machining hard or tough materials.

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