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Eighth Mec-Spe Coming to Parma in March

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Because the mechanical technology sector is still one of the brightest spots in Italian industry, Senaf S.r.l. is looking forward to organizing the next edition of Mec-Spe, the international exhibition of skilled mechanics. The eighth edition of the trade fair, Mec-Spe 2009 is scheduled to take place March 19–21 at Fiere di Parma in Parma, Italy.

In fact, according to figures issued by the European association Orgalime (an association of electronic, electrotechnical, mechanical, and metallurgical associations), Italy placed second after only Germany in European market share in the mechanical field in 2007. Its share was 21%. Also, Italy has increased production volumes by 3%.

“The mechanical field has a leading role in Italy,” says Emilio Bianchi, director of Senaf. “That’s why we’re willing to increase Mec-Spe’s offering in 2009, to meet the entrepreneurs’ needs for new ideas.”

The 2008 Mec-Spe had an exhibition area of 42,000 m² and drew almost 23,000 visitors. In 2009, in addition to the annual return of the Mec-Spe, Eurostampi, PlastixExpo, Subfornitura, Control Italy, and Motek Italy fairs, the multifocus event will feature the reappearance of the biennial exhibition Trattamenti & Finiture. The seven co-located shows provide an overview of all the fields that make up the world of manufacturing.

As usual, Senaf will organize the exhibition areas into avenues and themed squares to make it easy for visitors to find the products, technologies, and services they seek. There will be 50 so-called working areas, in which demonstrations present the capabilities of technologies operating synergistically and the opportunities available to companies working as partners.

Each working area will gather at a single site all the companies involved in the creation of an item, from design to manufacture of the finished product. Actually operating machines will enable visitors to observe every step of the production process and, perhaps, ascertain the best solution for their needs.

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