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EdgeCAM, Sandvik Coromant, Mazak

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The leading metal-cutting industry technology suppliers Pathtrace Ltd. (EdgeCAM), Sandvik Coromant, and Mazak are joining forces in a tour of European cities this November and December, during which their representatives will discuss the importance of ensuring competitiveness through manufacturing investment. The partners—providers of CAM software, cutting tools, and machine tools, respectively—will visit Poland, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Spain, and Sweden.

Speakers from the three companies will argue that the most important factor in a company’s ability to remain competitive is investment in the correct manufacturing philosophy, systems, and equipment. With an increasing number of European companies operating in both high- and low-labour-cost economies, the need to select and successfully implement appropriate manufacturing systems across the whole business is vital, they believe. Chasing low wages is not alone enough, because labour costs are just one element of the complex equation that defines sustained competitiveness.

At each tour stop, the company representatives will give examples demonstrating how making good strategic decisions about manufacturing philosophy, systems, and equipment has enabled businesses to be competitive globally, irrespective of the location of their plants.

“We are delighted to partner Sandvik Coromant and Mazak on this tour,” says Simon Lee, the international sales director for EdgeCAM. “Each of us has first-hand experience of witnessing customer successes through effective implementation of the latest technologies. One objective of these presentations is to share this knowledge with manufacturing companies that are considering technology investment right now.

“The pressure for continuous improvement will never go away,” adds Lee, “and the emergence of China and India is now creating a debate about future competitiveness throughout the whole of Europe.”

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