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ECTA Sets Cutting Tool Conference in Stuttgart June 26–28

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The ECTA European Cutting Tool Conference 2008, which will take place June 26–28 in Stuttgart, Germany, is the 34th in a series put on by the European Cutting Tools Association (ECTA) and a top event for the European cutting tool community this year. The conference is targeted at all manufacturers of cutting tools and holding fixtures, and is in fact exclusively reserved for them.

The conference programme reflects the objectives of the metal-cutting business and provides opportunities for interacting with industry colleagues. Experts speaking in a wide range of working sessions will make presentations covering such important topics as future developments in the aircraft and automotive industry and their impact on cutting-tool requirements; future metal-processing technologies; commercial exploitation of tool performance; global demand for and supply of raw materials; advantages of knowledge transfer networks; and successful recruitment strategies.

The involvement of the sector in all manufacturing processes makes it necessary to study new production industry trends and the evolution of the end users’ requirements, ECTA says. The aim of the association’s conference thus is to analyze these topics in order to support the industry’s future development.

A highlight of the conference will be a lecture given by special guest Dr. Bertrand Piccard, the world-renowned scientist and adventurer, son of deep-ocean explorer Jacques Piccard, and grandson of Auguste Piccard, inventor of the principle of the pressurized cockpit. Dr. Piccard captained the first nonstop around-the-world flight in a hot air balloon. His latest project is to circle the globe in a solar-powered airplane.

Bertrand Piccard’s lecture is titled “From Vision to Action: Around the World in a Solar Plane.” The ECTA suggests that the wording “from vision to action” equally well characterizes the innovative philosophy of European manufacturers of cutting tools and holding fixtures.

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