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DSM invests in biodegradables firm Novomer

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-05-06 Comments Off on DSM invests in biodegradables firm Novomer

Firms intend to sign cooperation agreement.

DSM Venturing announced that it has made an undisclosed investment in Novomer, which makes biodegradable aliphatic polycarbonates from epoxides and carbon dioxide.

Ithaca-based Novomer’s materials can be used in a range of applications, from injection moulded parts for electronics to paper coatings and medical implants.

In addition to the investment, Herleen, Netherlands-based DSM Venturing and Novomer said they intend to sign a cooperation agreement. DSM Venturing vice president of new business development for performance materials, Babette Pettersen, said in a news release that both arrangements will help DSM build its efforts in material science and life science to speed development of bio-based performance materials.
Novomer president, Charles Hamilton, said: “Our relationship with DSM Venturing represents an important validation of Novomer’s technology. DSM gives us a major partner in the chemical industry with critical expertise in high-volume production and access to global markets.”

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