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DP Technology Expands Corporate HQ

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-07-17 Comments Off on DP Technology Expands Corporate HQ

In keeping with its strategy of growth at its centres of business around the world, the international computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) software developer and marketer DP Technology, which makes Esprit®, is remodelling and expanding its Camarillo, California, corporate headquarters to better serve the needs of customers and staff. Productivity, comfort, convenience, and energy conservation are central considerations in the redesign.

DP managed to acquire a structure adjoining the 12,000-ft² (1,116-m²) building that has served as the company’s headquarters since 1989. The complete reconstruction of these properties will lead to the creation of an office facility with just under 20,000 ft² of usable space. Construction is expected to be completed in late August of this year.

The remodelled site, which is in Southern California near Los Angeles, will include triple the amount of space devoted to research and development than the current R&D department has, and more than double the current amount of space will be given over to specialized training—a must in light of DP’s growing roster of technical instruction services. This space will also serve as an ideal locale for conducting group training classes, meetings, and presentations.

Over the past two years, DP Technology has expanded its sales and support operations both within and outside the United States. With new offices and increased sales and support in China and Europe, as well as expanded offices in Japan, the company saw the need for overhauling its corporate headquarters becoming ever more apparent.

The company’s goal in revamping the headquarters facility is to bring the outdoors in: the addition of windows and the subtraction of inner walls—which will be replaced by half walls and half glass—will increase the penetration of natural light and reduce the need for artificial lighting. With respect to the latter, existing lighting will be replaced with a modern, high-efficiency option.

Despite the building’s notable increase in size, “our energy footprint will remain the same as it is now, due to the many energy-efficient equipment and design features being employed,” says Bill Haas, DP’s vice president of special projects.

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