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Dassault Reports Impressive Q2 Revenue Growth

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On the basis of US GAAP figures released by Dassault Systems for the second quarter (Q2) and first half of 2008, the company’s software business is doing very well. Financial results for the quarter are above company objectives, with total corporate revenue up 13% on software revenue growth of 17% for the period (both numbers based on constant currencies). In addition, Q2 earnings per share rose 16% to €0.36. Performance in non-GAAP calculations was slightly lower in terms of growth.

Dassault Systems’ excellent second quarter and first half were attributed by Bernard Charlès, the company’s president and CEO, to the contribution of Dassault’s product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions to customers’ product innovation and competitiveness. “In particular,” explained Charlès, “we had an excellent dynamic in software across out leading brands, with new wins and additional business in many of our verticals, including automotive, aerospace, high tech, energy, apparel, and life sciences, among others.

“We benefited from strong growth across our sales channels as we continue to focus on working closely together with our partners, improving out sales coverage and providing high value to our customers,” concluded the president.

By geographic region and in constant currencies, total Q2 revenue in Europe was up 12%, by comparison with an increase of 19% in the Americas and 10% in Asia.

GAAP PLM software revenue was up 17% in constant currencies. Non-GAAP PLM software growth of 16% was led by CATIA at 20%. ENOVIA revenues rose by 10% and SIMULIA revenues increased by a double-digit amount as well.

GAAP mainstream 3D software revenue rose 14% in constant currencies. This result was led by strong growth in maintenance revenue, good growth in new SolidWorks seats, and growth in the sales of 3D product data management and analysis software.

First-half revenue figures also were strong. Total revenues of €633.6 and software revenues of €547.1 representing first-half growth of 13% and 16%, respectively, in constant currencies.

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