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Controllers Target Valve Gates Or Hot-Runner Temperature

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A new controller for sequential valve gates (SVG), and a new temperature controller were introduced recently by mold-Masters Ltd., Georgetown, Ont. New timer-based SVG controllers are said to be less costly than systems that open and close the pins based on screw position. The new TempMaster SVG controller comes in three standard sizes of four (VT-4), eight (VT-8), and 16 zones (VT-16). Mold-Masters also offers its TempMaster XL series of hot-runner temperature controls in new smaller sizes. TempMaster XL4 is a four-zone model and TempMaster XL2 provides two zones; the operator presses a button to toggle the display from one zone to the other. Mold-Masters also introduced a new product to keep viscosity and shear uniform in drilled manifolds from other suppliers that have T-sections. Its new Shear Pin technology is designed to reduce the tendency of the melt to split at the intersection into lower-viscosity material on one side and higher viscosity material on the other, which leads to uneven filling. The pin is placed into the melt stream, where it causes no pressure drop. Mold-Masters offers the shear Pin with 4-, 8- and 16-drop systems.

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