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CNC machining in one set-up raises productivity

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Machining technology focuses on complete machining in one set-up to increase productivity, maximise machine utilisation and ensure repeatable accuracy

The Engineering Technology Group will focus on high-technology, high-productivity cnc machine tools at the UK’s MACH 2008 machine tool exhibition. The Group will demonstrate how it can help customers use them to create the maximum competitive advantage. The Engineering Technology Group offers allows the complete machining of components in one set-up.

It gives all the advantages of productivity, maximum machine utilisation and repeatable accuracy.

At MACH, the Group will be exhibiting two of the latest Nakamura-Tome turning centres.

* The twin-spindle, three Y-axis turret Super NTY3.

* The twin-spindle, twin Y-axis turret WY-250 with ‘Super Mill’ driven tooling.

Also on show will be examples of the latest Chiron 12 Series and Chiron Mill Series 5-axis vertical machining centres (VMC).

The group now includes three machine tool companies, as follows.

1 – High-productivity, multi-axis machining centre specialist, Chiron UK.

2 – Turning Technologies, the sole UK distributor for Nakamura-Tome high-precision, high-productivity turning centres.

3 – Handtmann CNC UK, a new addition to the Group that specialises in large 5-axis, high-productivity machining systems for the aerospace industry.

* Automation systems – the fourth company in the group is Hyfore Engineering, a precision engineering company specialising in bespoke automation and work-holding systems that allow manufacturers to get the maximum productivity, uptime and flexibility from their machine tools.

All of these companies are supported by Group resources that include applications and process engineering, CAD/CAM programming in Delcam and CATIA systems, project management, and strategic management of manufacturing needs.

Group services also include all the support activities required to keep high-productivity production systems operating at maximum efficiency, including 24h service support from factory-trained specialists, preventative maintenance and warranty engineering.

Each member of the group operates as an individual business with its own dedicated team of specialists and draws on the core organization for common central resources, expertise and services.

The result is that the customer gets the same level of in-depth product knowledge and experience that they would expect from a small niche supplier, while at the same time they benefit from the in-depth strengths of a large organisation.

This has proved a particularly successful approach for the type of high-productivity, high-technology markets that the Group focuses on.

With the latest addition to the group, Handtmann CNC UK, the Engineering Technology Group has even more to offer its customers, said Group chairman, Paul Rhodes.

He added: ‘By adding Handtmann’s high-power, high-speed, 5-axis machining systems to its portfolio, the Engineering Technology Group can now offer a 5-axis prismatic machining capability from 250mm cube up to 47m by 10m’.

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