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Chinese Order ribbon Molds Suppliers

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Sinomould the famous  ribbon  molds China,offer Chinese good quality ribbon molds,
Nowadays, we got more and more ribbon molds from FINLAND, BRAZIL, SOUTH AFRICA……
We are becoming  one of professional ribbon moulds manufacturers,
We are moving step by step to be the best ribbon molds suppliers China.
The need for Ribbon molds is being more and more, In year 2011, we have made nearly 30sets of ribbon molds, we are also collecting the skills and experience.
Sinomould, the leader of plastic ribbon mould in China, we have some advantages:
As we know, for plastic ribbon molds, the tooling is very important.
We say high precision tolling. The tooling steps for these kind ribbon mould will be sodick wire cutting,
High speed engraving……It is better for quality control,
Good design is always needed.
For ribbon molds, the steel we will use is S420the hardness can bear long mould life.
Following is one ribbon sample, if you need any more information for plastic ribbon molds,
Please send e-mail to us.

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