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China, US to sign deals on food, drugs

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-04-05 Comments Off on China, US to sign deals on food, drugs

China and the United States are expected to sign two important agreements on food and drugs on Tuesday during the two countries’ strategic economic dialogue in Beijing, a top US health official disclosed on Monday.

Mike Leavitt, US secretary of Health and Human Services, said one agreement is about food and feeds, and the other is on medical equipment and drugs.

But he declined to disclose further details about the agreements during an exclusive interview with chinadailymold.wiki. During the hour-long interview, Leavitt also answered questions from Chinese netizens.

He said the two countries should cooperate in formulating relevant standards so as to make products made in one country meet all requirements of the other. Currently the countries have different systems, but share the same goal, and should establish more communication channels to enhance contacts and cooperation.

Leavitt assured the Chinese audience that the US concerns about imported food safety are not targeted on China, as food safety is a global issue. The US imports food from over 100 countries.

More about Leavitt’s visit to chinadailymold.wiki

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