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Casting Technology: The Trend in Mould Heat Treatment

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Mould accuracy: ununiformity and incomplete in structure transformation, remained stress in heat treatment, all these can cause distortion during mould processing, assembly or real production after heat treatment. And so challenges mould accuracy, even damages the mould

Tool strength: inappropriate heat treatment operation plan, non-standard operation of heat treatment, or imperfect of heat treatment equipment, all can cause the tool strength can’t reach the requirements.

Mould life: unreasonable structural formation and exceeded grain size caused by heat treatment can impact mould functions such as mould malleablility, cold and heat transmission, wear resistancy. And so reduce mould life.

Manufacturing cost: as a middle of final procession in mould making, generally speaking, cracking, distortion caused in heat treatment will damage the mould. Although remediation could be made, more time is needed, and delivery may be postponed, and so raise the cost.

As the close relationship of heat treatment and mould quality, the improed side by side. In recent years, new technology in heat treatment is vaccum heat treatment tech, mould surface hardening tech and pre-hardening of mould steel.

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