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Cap molding line

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Cap molding line

Creat a better bottle cap production line, the foreign cap production line construction, cap special injection molding machine, PET perform injection molding machine,PET perform production equipment and so on.

We have the nature technology of packing project research and development team,have much experience in whole product line, and successful for large packaging company supply cap production line, bottle perform production line project,

Through to the production requirements of customers, production models required,=company’s project development team to provide customers with a complete set of production line equipment investment plan in the shortest possible time.

Cap production line equipment include:

1. The high quality bottle cap mould, use S136 stainless steel material, with extraordinary life, fast and efficient cooling water line, molding in shortest cycle time.

2. Adopt 5H high-speed injection molding machine, with high speed, high efficiency, high precision injection molding, as well as the high stability and high security mode, and equipped with a full range of auxiliary equipment.

3. Supply automatic high-speed cap incision machine, bottle cap molding machine, cap folding machine, bottle cap incision machine, oil cap set installed equipments.

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