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CAD/CAM modules include sheet metal working

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Missler Software’s TopSolid integrated CAD/CAM software offers specialized modules for the mechanical engineering, mould-making, sheet metal working and wood working industries

At the UK’s MACH 2008 machine tool show, Missler Software demonstrate its integrated CAD/CAM software, TopSolid. TopSolid offers specialised modules for mechanical engineering, mold and die manufacture, sheet metal working and wood machining. Latest release is TopSolid 2008, which has important improvements mould and die machining, EDM electrode manufacture, progressing, wood working, PunchCut sheet metal working and Cam and Wire modules.

Improvements in TopSolid’Design and TopSolid’Cam 2008 for general mechanical engineering include the following.

* Slave parts – a slave part isolates a part of an assembly to facilitate its machining, drafting and its management in TopSolid’Pdm.

For example, for sheet metal parts a slave part can be generated for unfolding with TopSolid’Fold, for machining with TopSolid’Cam as well as by TopSolid’Draft for the tables and drilling notes.

* Components server – standard components driven by numerical control can be inserted by a server.

The geometry is calculated only once and allows important gains on several levels, as follows.

1 – Quicker assembly updates.

2 – Reduce memory consumption.

3 – Smaller file sizes thanks to better mould component management.

* Integration of product data management (PDM) to all TopSolid modules – a user can now file and organise its technical data using integrated project management in TopSolid’Pdm.

* Reproduction of the operations plan – a manufacturing department can reproduce all or part of the operations plan on another part (which may be completely different).

This is a very important improvement, said Missler to manufacturingtalk, which enables companies to better store their company ‘know-how’.

* Mouse-facing – available in TopSolid’Cam for many years this updated function enables the operator to manage tool diameter corrections, to produce tool paths leaning on solid faces or to follow pre-defined profiles.

* Management of pockets whose walls are not vertical (such as with aerospace parts) – Missler Software has references from companmies such as the Safran Group, MBDA, Mecachrome and Airbus Cimpa.

Missler said that TopSolid is widely recognised as the leading CAD/CAM software in this field.

New functions to optimise aerospace machining are a priority in the development of Missler Software’s CAD/CAM.

The latest functions for 3D milling include the following.

1 – Better material management in roughing operations to prevent the part becoming fragile.

2 – Left material machining in several passes.

3 – New cycles for machining planar faces.

* About Missler Software – Missler Software is one of the leading global suppliers of CAD, CAM and ERP software.

The company’s product lines include TopSolid and GOelan.

Missler Software offers a an integrated solution for the mechanical engineering industry (general mechanical design, special machinery, tooling, boilerwork.

etc) and for sheet metal and wood industries.

Missler Software said that it is experiencing rapid growth in the global CAD/CAM market, owing to its advanced technology and its fully integrated software.

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