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Bucket mold China

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China Bucket mold for household and painting industries, the mould steel will be normally P20 with the HRC30, but for thin wall bucket mold, the mould steel will be S136 with HRC48-52. Sino Mould has made many sets of the bucket molds China, at least 100 sets can be exported to overseas. Sometimes, customers want to increase the production rate, and request to decrease the bucket mould cycle time, we will suggest them to use mould Max ( copper beryllium ) as a inserted part for the bucket mould core, even customer would like automatic production, we also can recommend suitable robot for taking out of buckets. Last year, we have offered 20L bucket automatic production line for the customer from Brazil.
Finding bucket mold China for painting package, household usage and thin wall package, welcome to contact Sino Mould.

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