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BSI to launch standards for nanotechnologies

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The UK group is developing six standards for launch in 2008.

23 November 2007 – BSI British Standards is set to launch a series of standards and guides explaining nanoscience, the study of materials that are nano in size, meaning one-billionth of a metre.

The worldwide market for nanotechnology-enabled products is expected to exceed $1 trillion a year by 2015.

Nanotechnologies are already used in medicine, some so-called green technologies and in over 500 consumer products such as laptops, sunscreen, tennis rackets and socks. Increasingly nanomaterials such as carbon nanotubes are used in plastics products.

BSI British Standards said that standards must be implemented at an early stage so that knowledge transfer is efficiently done while maintaining public awareness and consumer confidence.

The first guidance is to come out in January with the publication of six standards that will deal with nanotechnologies terminology. Three guides will also be published. These along with the existing PAS 71 – Vocabulary for Nanoparticles – will support safety testing, legislation and regulation as well as worker, public and environmental safety.

They will also cover commercialisation and procurement, patenting and intellectual property rights. The nine documents have been developed by a wide range of experts from industry, academia, government and professional organisations, brought together by BSI.

Mike Low, director of BSI British Standards, said: “It is crucial that the UK plays a leading role in the development of nanotechnologies, which is predicted to have a huge impact on the global economy. Standardisation lies at the heart of this development and BSI is proud to be working in this important area and ensuring up-to-date information for business at large.”

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