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Blehm Plastics Launches New Website

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-07-23 Comments Off on Blehm Plastics Launches New Website

For more than 50 years, Blehm Plastics has been supporting the tooling and manufacturing industries with its products based on epoxy chemistries. Now, the formulator of liquid plastics for tooling applications has launched a new website that contains detailed information about its product lines and makes technical data sheets and material safety data sheets available on-line. It has also categorized its products to make searches faster and enable visitors to get to more information.

Blehm Plastics became part of BCC Products in 2006. This enabled Blehm to continue developing new products and broaden its offering. The company sees the merger as a surety of quality and service, reinforcing the criteria that are the basis for many customers’ selection of Blehm products.

The new website also is expected to strengthen good relationships with existing customers. In addition, it will give those interested in Blehm Plastics and its products a better opportunity to discover what the supplier has to offer.

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