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Avoid Outsourcing Pitfalls in Plastic Injection Molds and Stamping Dies

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When looking to outsource overseas for Plastic Injection Molds or Stamping Dies there are many things to consider.

Usually price is the first thing to be looked at, that’s probably why you’re looking overseas for a new mold or die source-to save money.

One of the first places to come to mind is Asia.

Large labour forces and low wages can get your job done quickly and cheaply. Or so you think.

When doing business in Asia you may encounter several common problems:

  • communication problems: language barriers, different terminologies, engineers with little or poor English skills
  • cultural differences: East and West business practices can be very different which often leads to misunderstandings, mistakes, poor quality, and delays.
  • empty promises: sometimes the shops you will find can’t deliver what you need when you need it, they just don’t have the technology or resources to provide you with the quality you are looking for, many countries have poor infrastructure with communication failures and can’t make the delivery as promised.
  • most shops in Asia are small and cannot do a wide variety of jobs, they may not be able to do everything you need for all your projects, you’ll end up looking for other shops for each different project. They may not be able to provide you with after sales maintenance and services.
  • quality certifications: getting ISO certified is an expensive and time consuming process, many shops in Asia just aren’t qualified, they don’t have quality control programs, they don’t have the proper technology or experience to produce the products according to your exact specifications and timetable.

What’s the solution to these potential problems? Research and patience. You need to find the right agent to help you overcome these potential problems.

The qualities and services you need in your agent should include:

  • multi-lingual/cultural staff: staff members are fluent in English, and other languages. Staff members have a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, education, and experiences, extensive experience in international trade shows, seminars, and customer relations.
  • a high level of technology, reinvestment, R&D, and has a solid, modern infrastructure to ensure reliable communication and dependable deliveries.
  • a global network of services, access to a wide variety of tool shops for any kind of project, in-house engineers can design any type of mold or die that you require for any project, large or small, plastic or metal.
  • uses only highly qualified tool shops for your project to ensure quality control, provide weekly feedback, sampling, and local site visits.

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