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ATI Stellram: Custom Tools in Demand

Posted by: Mu Ju 2019-09-30 Comments Off on ATI Stellram: Custom Tools in Demand

ATI Stellram, which manufactures custom-designed metal-cutting tools, reports that it is reaping the rewards of the global aerospace boom, seeing a huge increase in demand from aircraft component makers in Europe. The company’s design and manufacturing teams in Germany, Switzerland, and the UK have watched orders for special tooling solutions soar over the past 12 months.

One of the biggest growth areas has been the development of dedicated tools for machining nickel and titanium alloys.

ATI Stellram’s programme of investment in a range of new automated machinery has paid dividends by boosting productivity at all of its sites, shortening lead times and maintaining high levels of on-time delivery, according to Rob Mears, project engineering manager. Further significant investment in CAD/CAM systems means that the design and manufacturing teams at the European facilities can exchange information between those sites and with the U.S. parent company, ATI Engineered Products, easily and rapidly.

“The growth in use of difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium, together with the trend towards monolithic rather than multipart components, means more engineering challenges for cutting-tool requirements,” says John Palmer, ATI Stellram’s global aerospace manager. He explains the growing orders for custom tools from aerospace suppliers by citing the expertise in that sector ATI Stellram offers, as well as its extensive capabilities in producing innovative solutions.

In addition, ATI Stellram is reporting that demand for its high-performance range of standard aerospace end mills also is strong. Its Rapide™ G192 kit comprises five mills for machining aluminium and nonferrous metals. The aerospace-approved ultra-fine-grain coated carbide tools generate very high metal removal rates.

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