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Asiamold: Entree to an Economic Hotbed

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Asiamold 2008, the Chinese international trade fair for mould making and tooling, design, and application development, is coming to Guangzhou (Canton) in Guangdong Province this September. As the show’s organizers—Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co., DEMAT GmbH, and the Hong Kong Mould & Die Council—point out, Guangdong is one of the economically fastest-growing regions of the world.

China has far outrun an earlier reputation as a low-cost production option for the toy industry. Increasingly, it is strengthening its position in the mould making and tooling industry. In historical terms, the country has established itself as a profitable place to do business within a remarkably short period of time. Numerous Western companies have opened production facilities there in recent years, as have leading auto manufacturers headquartered in the “Asian Tiger” nations and more than 100 automotive suppliers.

Guangdong saw an increase of 14.5% in its gross domestic product (GDP) in 2007—above the Chinese average and, needlessly to say, far above current Western capabilities. Some 33% of China’s exports originate from factories in this southern region. This performance is a strong factor in the decision to site Asiamold in Guangzhou.

Furthering Guangdong’s claim to economic prominence within China is the fact that the province is a huge importer of machines and plants required for increased development.

Asiamold 2007 was a great success. Taking a cue from the economic growth in Guangdong, the Asiamold 2008 organizers have planned a larger Asiamold this year, with more ways to learn about and gain access to the Chinese market. Also, DEMAT offers a full exhibitor service so that foreign companies displaying their products, technologies, and services can concentrate on their business while the show goes on.

Asiamold 2008 takes place September 24–26 at the Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Centre, the largest fairground in Asia.

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