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Annual Turnover of Mould Industry in 2007 Exceeded RMB 60 Billion

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From the very beginning until now, China mould industry has had a history of more than half a century. From the 20th century, Chinese government had paid much attention to mould industry, and proposed that the government should support mould industry so as to lead the prosperity of manufacturing industry. Some experts said that, in China, processing cost was relatively lower, processing skill, workers quality and investment environment improved step by step, the whole industry became more and more prosperous, all these advantages had caught oversea enterprises attention, many had mould business in China.
During the eleventh five-year plan, mould industry will achieve another breakthrough.
Total annual output exceeded RMB 60 billion

During the tenth five-year plan, mould had been considered as basic equipments for manufacturing industry, machinery, electronic, auto, petrescence, and construction, which are the five pillar industries in national economy, all ask for co-development of mould industry.
According to statistics, during the tenth five-year plan, China mould industry annual growth rate was 20%, with a total output of 61b which increased by 25% and rank No. 3 wordwidely in 2005. The increase in mould exporting showed that mould skill and competitive strength had improved. According to Chinese custom office, export value in 2005 was USD 0.74B, with an increasing rate of over 50%, complex, precision and long life moulds had taken up a proportion of 30%. Product composition became more and more reasonable.

Main types of mould include: punch dies, forging dies, plastic moulds, die castings, power metallurgy moulds, glass moulds, rubber moulds, and so on. Except for some stamping moulds, most of the above mentioned belong to cavity dies. Obviously, China mould industry has made great efforts in keeping up with world level, and has got worldwide achievements.
Industry driven rate as high as 1:100

In fact, mould is boundary science. It is related to sciences, fields and industries such as machine design and manufacturing, plastic working, foundry, metallic materials and heat treatment, hign polymer material, metal physics, solidification theory, powder matallugy, plastic, rubber, glasses.

Statistics showed that industry driven rate by mould was about 1:100, ie., while mould industry made a value of 0.1b yuan, revalent industries would made a value of 10b yuan. Made products by moulds, people can improve production efficiency, save raw material, reduce enery consume, total cost, and keep high equality of products. Nowerdays, moulds have been widely applied to all industries for the advantages of hign production efficiency, good quality, low consume of material, and low production cost. Moulds have also been applied in high tech industries. Especially in manufacturing industry, it is a pillar that cant be replaced, and has radio influence to the regional economy.

Mordern mould industry is technology, capital intensive industry. At present, there are over 20 thousand mould factories, over 500 thousand workers, with total turnover of 53.4b yuan. In recent years, mould industry has speedy development in industry structure. Large, precision, comples, long life moulds and standard parts developped more quickly than the whole industry; plastic moulds, rubber moulds had taken up a higher proportion; professional makers increased both in quality and quantity. With economic reform goes on, foreign invested enterprises and non-state enterprises go on their speedy development.

China will become powerful mould making country

A new round of industry adustrial adjustment is happening around the world, some mould factories are moving to developing countries, and China is becoming a mould country worldwidely. In recent years, foreign capital invested in mould industry has increased. It has been a tendancy of developed countries move their mould factories into China. These tendancy shows that China mould industry has gained another chance for development, and the challenge in advanced tech and high quality products as well.

Statistics showed that total output of China mould industry ranked No. 3 in the world, next to Japan and America. Auto, motorcycle and electric appliances take up over 80% of the whole market. Take auto moulds for example, total moulds needed by a car are about 4000 sets, with total value of 0.2-0.3 billion yuan; a refrigerator need about 350 sets of moulds in all which value about 4 million yuan. According to authoritative report, China has been the No. 1 manufacturing country.
Guangdong to be the largest mould market both in import and export in China, with Chongqing and Zhejiang, are forming tripartite confrontation. Now, Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta have been developped area of China in mould industry and technology.

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