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Analysis on Overall Development of China’s Mold and die Manufacture Industry

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As China actively promotes its role as the world’s manufacturing center, it has been rewarded with unprecedented growth. The Chinese mold and die industry rides on this economic bandwagon. There are presently around 30,000 mold & die manufacturers who collectively employ 800,000 workers.in 2005 More than 20 manufacturers had individual production revenues of 100 million yuan,dozens of mid-sized enterprises attained 50-100 million yuan, while the rest of the industry accounted for orders of around 20 million yuan each.

    The mold and die manufacturers garnered a 25% increase in sales and realize a turnover of 61 billion yuan in 2005. Meanwhile, production technology had been greatly improved, with some sectors rapidly catching up with their foreign counterparts. mold and die imports to China totaled US$2.068 billion in 2005,representing a 14.07% increase over the previous year, a clear indicationthat high technology-intensive mold and die local output cannot meet domestic demand.industry exports reached US$738 million, a whopping 50.31% increase over
2004.the proportion between import and export was 2.8:1,which was a significant improvement over the 3.69:1 figure in 2004. Chinese mold & die import and export figures in 2005 reached 2.806 billion dollars and net import was 1.33 billion dollars. China was the largest importing country in this industry.the Chinese mold and die industry continued to maintain a rapid growth rate for the first six months of 2006. This year’s annual sales turnover is estimated to reach 70 billion Yuan, basing industry expectations of a similar percentage growth rate attained in 2005.

    On a per product basis, plastic and rubber mold & die imports for 2005 totaled US$1.145 billion (55.4% of total imports) while exports reached US$532 million (72.1% of total exports, the same percent figures as 2004).Pressing mold & die imports for the same period were US$726 million (35.1% of total imports)while exports attained US$146 million (19.8% of total exports,with a sharp percentage increase over 2004).The increased export figures reflected the healthy increase in manufacturing output for this product type. This was mainly due to the high demand for middle and high level mold & dieproducts as compared to normal dies.These highly demanded products are typically large sized, with high precision, increased design complexity and improved durability.The industry responded by setting up more specialized mold and die factories and by increasing output. aggregate industry investments came from local and foreign sources as well as state owned enterprises , which stepped up for joint-stock reform.
This report will answer the following important questions relating to the Chinesemold and die industry:
• What is the present condition of China’s mold and die industry?
• What is its macro–environment?
• What state policies impact on an investor’s plans to seize its market
• How does it relate to developments of the downstream industries
    which act either as catalysts or obstacles to the industry’s growth?
• How does the competition behave and what threats does it pose
     to a new industry player?
• What is its customers’ purchasing behavior and how can one capitalize
     on this key market characteristic?
• What are the over all prospects for the industry ?

    This report is well researched, obtaining information from a wide variety of sources such as the National Bureau of Statistics of China, China Customs, National Development and Reform Commission, China instrument Association, China Rubber industry Association, China Auto Industry Association, China Association of Machinery and Electricity Integration Technology, China Mold & Die Industry Association and China Industry Research Institutes, as well as the latest news resources. This report also draws reference information relating to the development of automotive, motorcycle, machineries,, and electronics and plastics industries.industry forecasts were arrived at by using time-series analysis, regression and  correlation analysis on the data of production, sales, market competition status, market structure, technology, product line and international sales of the Chinese mold & die industry from 2001 to 2006.

    The report will be an invaluable guide for mold & die manufacturing and trading companies, to help them identify and capitalize on market opportunities,and to select and decide on the  proper investment projects and strategies. This report is also of great value for the credit evaluation departments of banks and other lending institutions as well as for some specialty steel manufacturers.

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