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Analyser checks plastics moisture content

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The Computrac Moisture Analyser determines moisture in plastics with high accuracy with ease of operation, without having to use toxic reagents.

Able Instruments and Controls said that its Computrac Moisture Analyser provides an excellent alternative method of moisture determination in plastics without using toxic reagents Resins are the constituents that go to make up the different types of plastics products.

Plastics processors will heat the resins then mould or extrude them into the desired shapes.

It is important to keep the resins dry.

If there is excess moisture in the resins, the end product will be defective and prone to break.

This can lead to expensive product recalls and a damaged reputation for the manufacturer.

Plastic processors use large industrial driers to reduce the moisture in the resins.

However, not all processors test their resins to ensure the dryers are working properly.

Able Instruments and Controls told manufacturingtalk that many plastics processors use the Karl Fischer titration method (KF).

It is a recognised primary standard for moisture analysis.

It uses a chemical reaction to determine how much water is in the sample.

It is a very accurate method but one that uses toxic chemicals, large quantities of high grade glassware and also requires a relatively high level of operator skill.

The Computrac Moisture Analyser provides an excellent alternative method of moisture determination in plastics.

It shows superb correlation with the KF method, and high accuracy with ease of operation, and without the need for toxic reagents.

The long term operating costs of the Computrac are significantly less than the KF method, said Able, as consumables are kept to a minimum and labour requirements reduced.

The Computrac is highly durable and can be deployed directly in the manufacturing facility.

Even in these days of improved quality control, there are still companies who do not test for moisture at all, which is obviously a gamble.

If the driers are not operating to specification, resin drying will be incomplete and this may not be apparent until the finished product is found to be defective.

If, for example, the faulty plastics has been used in the manufacture of a medical device, this may have serious consequences.

The Computrac is already established in the testing of plastics production for many applications.

A few examples of these are: medical devices; automotive parts; custom injection moulding; packaging (bubble wrap, bottles, etc) and resin manufacturers.

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