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An Innovation on Mould Production by Ninghai Enterprise

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For a disabled mould, cover a kind of special material, and further repaired by a laser, it will come into use again. This new technology by Ninghai Shengyuan Laser Technology Co., Ltd has made disabled moulds and rolls totally value RMB 50m relived, and serve for a second term.

“For the variety of rolls and moulds which are made from different materials, it’s very hard to find a certain kind of material for the repairment. People ususlly drop out the disabled.”a man in charge in Shengyuan company has encountered this problem. He said that two rolls on a machine in a Taiwan company brokened, unfourtunately, the machine could not got from place of origine, so the company had to stop production for one month, the estimated loses was about 400 or 500 thousand yuan.

The new technology by Shengyuan solved the problem of material. Firstly, technicians analyze the material of the broken part. Then, they mix hundreds of materials include Fe and Mg according to a certain rate to form a special kind of material. In addition, Shengyuan has bought from Germany lasers worth 30m yuan to cover the material on the brokened moulds. Compared with traditional repair technics like plating and surfacing welding, laser can make material integrated with moulds.

To mix the material is not so easy. Technicians from Shengyuan said that no deviation should occure in the proportion of each material. For example, 1g more Fe was added when they do research on rolls with 58, and the material became easier broken.

The new technology has reduced cost for corperations. A rolling mill in Ninghai has reduced cost by 70%-90%, and time has also been saved. In no more than an hour, an old roll will become new. It is estimated that roll repair work for 5 small rolling factories has saved 5m yuan in total.Some Beijing experts said that moulds and rolls repaired by laser were almost as good as new products, after examing Shengyuan company.

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