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40,000 tonnes of PVC-U recycled this year

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Recycling saves firms money and boosts “green” credentials

14 December 2007 – Almost 40,000 tonnes of PVC-U will have been recycled by the end of the year, according to forecasts by Recovinyl, the PVC-U industry’s recycling initiative.

This is significantly more than Recovinyl’s 2007 recycling target of 30,000 tonnes. And Recovinyl said growth in recycling infrastructure – such as the purchase of new plant and equipment – has helped the industry achieve this as well as an increased awareness of plastics recycling within construction.

It added that tonnages have also been boosted by an increased amount of post-consumer windows as well as building products – such as pipes, cable management and flooring products – coming into the waste stream for recycling.

Roger Morton, of Axion Recycling, Recovinyl’s UK agents, said: “This is a tremendous achievement, much of it helped by growth in the recycling infrastructure which has made it easier for businesses to recycle, rather than landfill, their waste PVC-U.”

He added: “This not only saves them money on rising disposal costs, but also lessens the environmental impact.”

Recovinyl has more than 30 members and argues that PVC-U can be recycled more than 10 times.

Morton added: “Building products made from 100% recycled PVC-U are all examples of how the material can help the UK’s construction industry improve its commitment to sustainability.

“Companies that source 100% recycled products can truly demonstrate ‘closed-loop recycling’, contributing to cost-effective environmentally-friendly solutions as well as boosting their ‘green’ credentials.”

Recovinyl is funded by the PVC industry body Vinyl 2010 and is backed by the British Plastics Federation and supported by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

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