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You need to know these if you want to start a 3D printing business

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3D printing technology has gradually become familiar to us, and various products related to 3D printing have appeared on the market. In this era of surging entrepreneurial thoughts, people with ideas and creativity have also realized the possibility of entrepreneurship using 3D printing technology. But starting a business is not just talking. To take advantage of the rapid development of 3D printing and open a business with a 3D printer, you should first consider various issues such as project selection, capital investment, store location, and technical support. After all, it is an undeveloped field, where opportunities and risks coexist, and all aspects should be considered clearly.

For example, we can choose to open a handicraft shop, the main thing is to make and sell all kinds of exquisite 3D printed small items, such as cups, pen holders, bracelets, models and so on. The process of 3D printing objects is not simple. It can make extremely complex and unique designs into models, and then perform special post-processing, so that the craftsmanship made will surely attract people’s attention. At the same time, we can provide customers with 3D printing services. Some people will design 3D models by themselves. We can provide them with printing services and then charge some fees.

Or maybe it is possible to open a 3D printing photo studio, using characters as models to make 3D printing statues, I believe many people will also be interested.

Then if we are really determined to put our dreams into practice and start a 3D printing technology, what efforts do we need to make? What should we invest in?

(1) Equipment input

There are not many domestic 3D printer brands, and the price of 3D printers for different purposes varies greatly. However, the price of a small 3D printer for printing models is generally no more than 10,000, and the 3D printers required by 3D printing photo studios may be more expensive, ranging from more than 10,000 to more than 100,000. There is also a 3D printing photo studio that may need to buy a good 3D scanner, depending on the performance and price, there are thousands to tens of thousands. Of course, a computer is also a necessary equipment investment.

(2) Technology investment

To start a business with a 3D printer, you need to know a little bit about software for designing 3D models. If you have a 3D scanner, it’s much simpler. The operating skills of 3D printers need to be explored and summarized by ourselves, and there are post-processing such as coloring and beautification. We can learn it by ourselves or hire professionals to do it.

(3) Shop selection and decoration

The size of the shop does not need to be too large, but the choice of location and the decoration of the shop are very important. After all, 3D printing is a new industry, and no one pays much attention to the store opening in the corner of the corner, so you can open a small store in a prosperous area. 3D printing embodies the magical process from two-dimensional plane to three-dimensional. The interior and exterior design of the store should be unique, which is more eye-catching!

(4) Promotion

Although many people already have an understanding of 3D printing, they have not purchased this kind of product or experienced this kind of service. Therefore, after the store opens, it is necessary to vigorously promote and promote. There are many ways to do it, and it can also be opened at the same time. Shop, try to let more people know your shop!

Well, the above is the preparation for 3D printing. It may not be comprehensive and there are still omissions, but I also hope to provide some help for you who are interested in creating a new world in the 3D printing industry.

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