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Two-color molding process concept and technical operation points

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  • 1. The two shapes of Cavity are different, and one product is formed separately. The two shapes of Core are exactly the same.
  • 2. The front and back molds of the mold must be aligned after rotating 180o from the center. This check must be done during design.
  • 3. Pay attention to the position of the thimble hole, the minimum distance is 210mm. Large molds must appropriately increase the number of top stick holes. Moreover, because the ejector pin attached to the injection molding machine itself is not long enough, we must design an extended ejector pin in our mold. The ejector pin grows about 150mm from the base of the mold base. Two positioning rings must be designed on the back mold bottom plate.
  • 4. The total thickness of the front mold panel plus A board cannot be less than 170mm. Please carefully check the other reference data of this type of injection molding machine, such as the maximum mold thickness, the minimum mold thickness, and the distance between the top rod holes, etc.
  • 5. It is best to design the nozzle of the three-plate mold to automatically release the mold. Pay special attention to whether the demoulding action of the soft glue nozzle is possible.
  • 6. The depth of the front SPRUE should not exceed 65mm. The distance from the top of the upper side (large nozzle) of the SPRUE to the center of the mold base is not less than 150mm.
  • 7. When designing the CAVITY for the second injection, in order to avoid the CAVITY inserting (or scratching) the glue position of the product that has been formed for the first time, a part of the space can be designed. However, the strength of each sealing position must be carefully considered, that is: in the injection molding, whether the plastic will deform under the large injection pressure, which may cause the possibility of the second injection!
  • 8. When injection molding, the product size of the first injection molding can be slightly larger, so that it can be pressed tighter with another CAVITY in the second molding, in order to achieve the role of sealing glue.
  • 9. Pay attention to whether the flow of plastic will impulse the product that has been formed the first time and deform the glue position during the second injection? If this is possible, we must find a way to improve it.
  • 10. Before clamping the A and B plates, pay attention to whether the front mold Slider or Lifter will reset first and crush the product? In this way, you must find a way to close the A and B plates first, and then the SLIDER or LIFET of the front mold can be Reset.
  • 11. The water transportation arrangements of the two CAVITY and CORE are as adequate as possible, and are balanced and the same.
  • 12.99% of the cases are the hard rubber part of the injection molded product first, and then the soft rubber part of the injection molded product. Because the soft glue is easy to deform.

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