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Processing method of harmonic drive flexspline and cam

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Rigid wheel, flexible wheel and wave generator are commonly known as the three major components in harmonic gear transmission. It is characterized by small size, light weight, simple structure and easy assembly. It can be independently combined into a reduction mechanism, a differential mechanism and a plasticizing mechanism, and can also be combined with other transmission forms, such as planetary transmission, worm gear transmission and spiral transmission, to obtain the best transmission effect. Therefore, the outstanding features of the three-piece structure provide more innovative ideas for workers engaged in mechanical transmission mechanisms.

The three major pieces manufactured by Beijing Institute of Harmonic Drive Technology are made of high-strength alloy steel, and adopt scientific and reasonable cold and hot processing methods to effectively ensure the performance of the flexible wheel. The cam processing method of the wave generator is the proprietary technology of the institute, that is, the scientific processing method using high-precision hard profiling and other grinding rates to ensure that the cam outline size and working surface profile error are less than 0.01mm. Harmonic gear reducer has the advantages of large transmission ratio, high transmission accuracy, large carrying capacity, stable transmission, small size and low noise, and is widely used in various fields of mechanical transmission. The harmonic gear reducer manufactured by Beijing Institute of Harmonic Drive Technology has more than a dozen product models and hundreds of transmission ratios. It has a very wide coverage of harmonic gear transmission ratios.

At present, its products are mainly used in the high-tech fields of mechatronics, such as the driving device of the micro radar antenna, the multi-directional pan/tilt of the surveillance camera, the tracking device of the solar collector, the single crystal preparation device, the driving device of the medical cancer treatment machine, the machine tool Feed and high-precision positioning mechanism, multi-color printing machine, phase adjustment device of large color inkjet printer and rotary joint of various types of robots.

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