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Eight performance requirements of mold manufacturing process

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Eight performance requirements of mold manufacturing process:

1. Forgeability

It has low hot forging deformation resistance, good plasticity, wide forging temperature range, low tendency of forging cracking and cold cracking and precipitation of networked carbides.

2. Annealing processability

The spheroidizing annealing temperature range is wide, the annealing hardness is low, the fluctuation range is small, and the spheroidizing rate is high.

3. Machinability

The cutting amount is large, the tool loss is low, and the machined surface roughness is low.

4. Sensitivity to oxidation and decarburization

When heated at high temperature, oxidation resistance is good, decarburization speed is slow, insensitive to heating medium, and tendency to produce pitting is small.

5. Hardenability

After quenching, it has uniform and high surface hardness.

6. Hardenability

After quenching, a deeper hardened layer can be obtained, which can be hardened by using mild quenching medium.

7. Tendency of quenching deformation and cracking

The volume change of conventional quenching is small, the shape is warped, the distortion is slight, and the tendency of abnormal deformation is low. Conventional quenching has low sensitivity to cracking, and is not sensitive to quenching temperature and workpiece shape.

8. Grindability

The relative wear of the grinding wheel is small, the non-burn limit grinding consumption is large, and it is not sensitive to the quality of the grinding wheel and cooling conditions, and it is not easy to cause abrasion and grinding cracks.

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