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Precautions for stamping die installation

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General precautions for mold installation—check the punching device on the press and temporarily adjust it to the highest position so as not to be bent when adjusting the closing height of the press; check whether the relationship between the closing height of the mold and the closing height of the press is Reasonable; check whether the lower mold ejector rod and the upper mold punching rod meet the requirements of the press’s removal device (for large presses, check the air cushion device); before the mold is installed, the oil stains on the upper and lower mold plates and the bottom surface of the slider should be wiped clean. And check whether there are relics, to prevent affecting the correct installation and accidents.

The general sequence of mold installation (refers to molds with guide pillars):

  • ①Adjust the height of the press slider according to the closed height of the die, so that the distance between the bottom plane of the slider and the work surface when the slider is at the bottom dead center is greater than the closed height of the die.
  • ②First raise the slider to the top dead center, place the die on the specified position of the press table, then stop the slider at the bottom dead center, and then adjust the height of the slider so that the bottom plane is in contact with the upper plane of the die seat. For the die with a die handle, the die handle should be inserted into the die handle hole, and the die handle should be fixed by the pressing block and the screw on the slider. For a large die without a die handle, the upper die base is generally fastened to the press slider with screws, etc., and the lower die base is preliminarily fixed on the press table (without tightening the screws).
  • ③Adjust the slide block of the press by 3~5mm, start the press, idle stroke 1~2 times, stop the slide block at the bottom dead center, and fix the lower die seat.
  • ④ Carry out a test punch, and gradually adjust the slider to the required height. If the upper die has an ejector pin, the discharge bolt on the press should be adjusted to the required height.

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