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Eight realms of CNC machining

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1. Simple cnc machining programming remedial teacher will use the coordinate system to know the relationship between the machining coordinates and the design coordinates.

Familiar with two-dimensional toolpaths, familiar with contour, parallel processing, three-dimensional equidistant processing, can split shallow and steep surfaces, understand the relationship between tolerance and allowance, understand the calculation of the boundary of the processing surface, understand the calculation of the division line of shallow and steep surfaces, and understand the rough surface Degree of control method. Know the post-processing methods of three control systems, be familiar with ISO codes, and be able to program manually. Understand the mold structure, will dismantle the copper public. Familiar with the cutting parameters of commonly used tools. Familiar with the influence of the hardness of the cutting material on the parameters. Barely able to write a complete tool path, unable to control the second roughing, and do not have a deep understanding of the light knife. The software that I understand is just a tool for expressing ideas, and I am willing to learn more about metal cutting technology, tools, materials, products and molds themselves.

2. Simple CNC programmer

On the basis of “one”, after one month of experience, I can basically complete the processing of soft materials, such as copper, and the size is basically accurate. Basically be able to process simple two-dimensional steel materials and be familiar with the process, and can control the error within one wire.

3. Junior CNC programmers

On the basis of “one” and “two”, the next tool path can be written to the machining result while writing, and the tool path can basically cut to the height or shape of the desired cutting. The empty knife is relatively small. The rhythm of the knife path is rather unreliable. The tool path is cumbersome, the thinking is not very clear, and there are many repetitive wastes.
Four, mold engineers are required to lead the work

At the first three heights, it is possible to write out the three-dimensional tool path independently without looking at the machining results of the machine tool without major problems, and then process it smoothly, and modify the program in the event of a power failure. Basically cannot separate the mold independently, and need to rely on the mold engineer or the 2D drawing of the mold structure. Have a certain understanding of tool rebound, broken tool, overcut, corner problem, light not in place, etc. There are still more empty knives. But the understanding of the software parameters has been more in-depth.

5. Basically able to work independently, but at a slower speed

The software operation is relatively proficient, but the speed is not very fast. It can be separated into a simple mold including five basic mold structures, and it can be easily handled by hand. There are not many problems, and the processing is basically in place, but the processing effect is average and not very beautiful. The remaining amount is uneven, the two-path interface is not smooth, and the polishing is difficult.

6. Basically able to work proficiently

Proficient in software, skilled in shortcut keys, easy to operate, understand mold assembly, know how the remaining amount of the machining surface matches the assembly of the mold, know the product problems caused by the remaining amount of the machining surface and the future assembly problems of the product, and know how to process conservatively To prevent mold assembly and product structure and assembly problems in the future. Familiar with data security. Know how to process the positioning of products that need to be processed on all six sides. For copper bars that are easily deformed, steel materials know how to cut. For molds that have been half-opened with a milling machine, learn how to map the residual material to save time or prevent tool collision.

7. Ability to deal with problems independently

Be able to face the problem of product design and actively change product design to meet the rationality of mold structure and processing. Can accurately calculate the processing time, and be able to face the product quotation for CNC processing. Accurate calculation of design costs and processing costs. Good at communicating with customers. Able to cut drawings. Publish copper positioning drawings. Uncomplicated Tong Gong will be demolished.

8. Ability to effectively communicate with various departments and deal with them, and have work experience in a large company

Familiar with the software, able to dismantle complex coppers, order materials for coppers, be familiar with the avoidance of coppers, integrate production of several coppers to reduce material costs, and draw out a positioning map. Will be the copper male of the rotating body. Will repair the distortion caused by data input and output. Familiar with mold price, mold base customization, thimble position, hot runner. At a certain height, control the whole idea and problems encountered in the process from product parts to assembly to deformation to mold. Familiar with the expression of mold coordinates and assembly coordinate system in drawings, so that all departments of the company can fully share data, can quickly reflect the relationship between part assembly and mold positioning, quickly find out key dimensions, and clarify the key to be expressed in engineering drawings Data, know those that do not need to be expressed.
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