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Typical Application of Thermal Spray Technology in Mechanical Maintenance

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Power system

  • 1. Thermal power plant boiler water wall pipes, superheater pipes, reheater pipes, coal (or oil) pipes, referred to as “four boiler pipes”, are sprayed with anti-corrosion and wear-resistant coatings;
  • 2. Spraying repair for leaking joint surface of steam turbine cylinder head in thermal power plant;
  • 3. Spray welding repair and surface strengthening of suction and exhaust fan impeller and coal pulverizer system in thermal power plants;
  • 4. The anti-cavitation erosion spray welding layer, such as the guide center, gate shell, drainage pressure reducing pipe, runner, guide vane ring, cover, etc. of the turbine of the hydropower station;
  • 5. Repair of diesel generator crankshaft after wear;
  • 6. Spraying of wind power base.

Metallurgical system

  • 1. Repair and strengthening of various rolls;
  • 2. The seamless steel pipe manufacturer adopts the composite rolled top manufactured by the spray welding process to replace the cast steel rolled top, which increases the service life by more than 4-5 times;
  • 3. The original material of the blast furnace slag port and tuyere is red copper, which has poor corrosion resistance to molten iron. Plasma sprayed red copper +ni-cr-al+ni/al2o3 ceramics and oxides are used to increase the service life by more than double;
  • 4. Silicon steel sheet continuous decarburization annealing unit, the use limit temperature of the graphite carbon sleeve bottom roll in the furnace is 950℃, which cannot produce one-time cold-rolled high-grade silicon steel sheets at higher temperatures, using plasma, supersonic flame, and explosive spraying The new type of ceramic and cermet-coated furnace bottom roller has a service life of more than 3 months above 920℃, and the average service life below 920℃ is more than 6 months, the longest is more than one year. The new type of bottom roller replaces imports and saves money. Foreign exchange, creating major indirect economic and social benefits of hundreds of millions of yuan;
  • 5. A roll of a continuous caster is worth tens of thousands of yuan. Due to continuous high temperature operation, it is constantly subjected to high temperature oxidation and deformed. China’s Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel and other units have absorbed advanced foreign experience and adopted automatic submerged arc welding for the continuous caster rolls. , Plasma spraying or supersonic flame, gas explosion spraying ni-cr-al+ composite ceramic coating repair and strengthening; 6. Repair and strengthen various shafts, imported automobile crankshafts, etc.

Non-ferrous metal industry system

  • 1. The plunger of large-scale extrusion presses in non-ferrous, metallurgical, petrochemical, hydraulic presses and hydraulic presses above 1,000 tonnage used oxyacetylene flame self-fluxing alloy powder spray welding method to successfully repair a φ850×5500 plunger with an original price of 280,000 yuan. Hundreds of large plungers considered as “national treasures” have received good economic benefits;
  • 2. Repair of various rolls in copper processing plants and extruded nozzles of carbon electrodes in aluminum plants.

Coal system

  • 1. The coal mine shaft is equipped with zinc, aluminum and plastic corrosion-resistant coatings;
  • 2. The central slot and plunger of the coal scraper adopts alloy spray-welded wear-resistant coatings.

Petroleum system

  • 1. The thickness of thermal spraying aluminum coating is 100-150μm in the large steel oil tank of the refinery, the thickness of the sealing layer of the inorganic zinc-rich coating is 50-80μm, and the anti-corrosion life can reach more than 15 years;
  • 2. The service life of oilfield drill pipe joints using plasma spray welding is more than 1 times longer than that of the original 35crmo drill pipe joints;
  • 3. Repair of various pumps and plungers;
  • 4. Repair and strengthen various shafts, imported automobile crankshafts, etc.

 Chemical industry

  • 1. Metal coating: spraying aluminum, zinc, tin, lead, stainless steel and other anticorrosive coatings on the inner surface of the carbonization tower, gas tank, brewing storage tank, beer fermentation tank, distillation tower, various chemical containers, and repairing large gate valves ;
  • 2. Ceramic coating: the inner surface of the new reactors of pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and chemical enterprises is sprayed with al2o3, cr2o2, tio2 and other ceramic coatings after sandblasting and rust removal to replace the glass-lined glaze coating or the partial fall-off repair coating of the reactor;
  • 3. Plastic coating: gymnasium grid structure parts, public facilities, various chemical containers, large-diameter pipes, plates and frames of mud machines in the ceramic industry, cloth guide rollers in the printing and dyeing industry, cast iron supporting wheels for belt conveyors in the coal industry, printing machines, etc. The surface of a guide roller is sprayed with anti-friction and wear-resistant coatings of nylon, and anti-corrosion coatings such as polyethylene, eva resin, chlorinated polyether, and epoxy resin are sprayed to make up for the lack of electrostatic spraying.

Machinery industry

  • 1. A large butterfly valve is worth more than 10,000 yuan, and an oil field consumes at least more than 20 a year. According to the country’s top ten oil fields, the annual consumption of large valves is more than 200. If you consider the annual consumption of large valves in other industries, the annual consumption is even greater. The use of 1cr18ni9ti material spraying repair can increase the service life by 1-2 times under 350℃ environment. Only this item can obtain economic benefits of more than 10 million yuan in the petroleum sector. In addition to oilfields, it is used for some valve manufacturers and several major alkali According to factory investigation, the actual service life of the domestically made 2040 cast iron gate valve is only 720 hours, which is far from reaching the national standard of 3000 hours. The annual demand for such large valves in several large alkali factories and other chemical industries in the country is tens of thousands. Less than the requirements, the loss is considerable. Practice has proved that the use of ordinary steel to spray nickel-based tungsten carbide coating on the surface can increase its life span by 3-4 times. If it is fully promoted, the life span will be doubled, and the annual economic benefit will be tens of millions of yuan;
  • 2. Repair of various imported automobile engine crankshafts, train diesel locomotive crankshafts, marine crankshafts, mine air compressor crankshafts, various large motor rotor shafts, and Roots fan shafts;
  • 3. Repair of screw conveyor rods, various die-casting, injection molding, rubber molds, glass molds, cold punching, drawing, hot forging, hot extrusion, hot pressing, hot punching and other molds;
  • 4. Rapidly manufacturing molds by arc spraying.

Papermaking, printing and packaging industries

  • 1. The paper dryer is sprayed with anti-corrosion and wear-resistant coatings such as stainless steel;
  • 2. The breast roller and calender roller are sprayed with copper instead of electroplated copper coating;
  • 3. Repair of crushed or worn-out impression cylinder of four-color offset press; 4. Repair of four pairs of corrugated cardboard press rollers in carton factory;

Sugar industry

The national cane sugar factories are distributed in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Fujian, Yunnan, etc. The bottom combs and surface combs of various types of presses of 1,300, 1,000, and 2000 are respectively equipped with alloy spray-welded anticorrosive and wear-resistant coatings;

Textile industry

  • 1. Various spinning machine accessories for chemical fiber, textile, printing and dyeing, cotton, wool and linen, various types of two-for-one twister spindle rings, friction discs, various yarn guides, textile machine winding grooves, etc. The surface is sprayed with alumina and titanium oxide. Grinding coating
  • 2. Repair of crushed non-woven fabric rollers;

Railway system

  • 1. The rails of China’s Beijing-Guangzhou, Longhai, Baocheng, Luoyang and other main railway lines are scratched, dropped, low joints, long rail welds are low collapse, and the inner surface of the steel outside the track curve is worn. The oxyacetylene flame alloy powder spray welding is used Wear-resistant coating;
  • 2. Spraying repair of diesel locomotive crankshaft, locomotive rate induction motor shaft, dual unit shaft, air exchange pump impeller shaft, casing air valve piston and other components;

Long-term protection of steel structure

For large steel structure bridges, ships, sluice gates, water, chemical medium storage tanks, iron towers, communication devices, highway facilities, power plants, power plants, and power plants that are exposed to the outdoor atmosphere for a long time. Installations, underground cable supports, navigation mark floating drums, etc. are sprayed with aluminum, zinc and their alloy composite coatings, instead of traditional paint methods, and implement cathodic protection for long-term anti-corrosion projects, such as: National 8201 Project, Wuhan, Shanghai, Shenyang, Shanxi TV Tower , Jinan to Tai’an, Guangzhou to Zhanjiang microwave towers, Beijing-Tong Road, Xi’an, Chongqing, Xining city overpasses, Fengzhen, Yangliuqing, Qinhuangdao, Luanhe, Mudanjiang and other large-scale projects have adopted aluminum spraying and spraying. Zinc long-lasting anti-corrosion. Among them, more than 40,000 square meters of steel structural parts in the 50kv booster station of Fengzhen Power Plant in Inner Mongolia have been sprayed with zinc. Significant economic benefits;

Aerospace, aviation, and national defense

thermal spraying started in the national defense and military industries in our country, and then gradually developed into civilian products. So far, missiles, rockets, satellites, tank parts and aero engine blades, flamethrowers, missile slides Pre-protective coating for rails, etc. and repair-strengthened coating;

Building decoration

  • 1. It takes a lot of copper to cast a bronze statue in a large-scale plastic sculpture. If you spray a layer of brass, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, colored plastic and other decorative coatings on the surface of the plastic statue of cement, gypsum, and resin. The layer is both economical and beautiful. In recent years, Daqing, Beijing, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan and other places have used thermal spraying to build many large-scale plastic sculptures, and the effect is very good;
  • 2. Using thermal spraying method, large-scale murals can be sprayed, such as the “Peacock Kaiping” mural on the second floor of Shenyang International Shopping Center, and the large-scale “Flying” mural on the gate of Fangshan Science and Technology Bureau of Beijing, all of which are made by thermal spraying. ,good results;

Medical and health

In recent years, with the development of thermal spraying technology, plasma sprayed ceramic coatings are used on the surface of stainless steel bones to prepare artificial bones. The clinical practice has reached hundreds of cases and the effect is very good.

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