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Roughness profile measuring instrument used in CNC machined parts

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Roughness profile measuring instrument used in CNC machined partsRoughness profile measuring instrument used in one of the hardware systems include: grating measurement system, high-precision grinding rail, non-contact linear motor, voice coil motor force measurement system, industrial computer control systems and other technologies. The instrument is unique in that it has three sections of filters: Gaussian filter, RC filter, phase correction filter, which allows the operator to choose freely, allowing the instrument to automatically select the rules of the filter method or the operator himself set. Let us look at the scope of the workpiece surface roughness assessment for CNC machined parts:R roughness R Ra Rq Rz Rmax Rpc Rz-JIS Rt Rp Rv R3z RSm RsRsk Rku Rdq Rlq Rdc RHSC Rmr Rz-L Rp-L , R3z-L, Rdc-L, RMr-L, Pdc-L, PMr-L
② core roughness: Rk, Rpk, Rvk, Rpkx, Rvkx, Mr1, Mr2, A1, A2, Vo
Surface profile assessment of the range:
① P profile parameters: Pa, Pq, Pt, Pp, Pv, PSm, Psk, Pku, Pdq, Plq, Pdc, PHSC, PPc, PMr,
② W-wave profile parameters: Wa, Wq, Wt, Wp, Wv, WSm, Wsk, Wku, Wdg, Wdc, WMr
③ Motif parameters: R, Ar, W, Aw, Rx, Wx, Wte, Nr, Ncrx, Nw, Cpm, CR, CF, CL
④ ISO5436 parameters: Pt, D.
⑤ contour type: support D, P, W, R
The measuring range of the instrument is: 0-200mm for X axis, 0-450mm for Z axis, ± 25mm for Z1 axis, and the resolution is 0.01μm. The precision for CNC parts can meet the requirements of surface roughness and contour parameters of various precision mechanical components on the market Accuracy requirements, and the accuracy of imported equipment and abroad, all aspects of the technical level of essential improvement. Another highlight of the instrument is that it has an intelligent protection system that prevents the host from colliding with the workpiece under test or when the stylus is caught by the groove of the workpiece during scanning and automatically stops scanning when the tension exceeds the instrument's limit. Thus protecting the stylus will not be damaged, greatly saving the cost of the past stylus easy to wear (with experience of measurement partners must know that the stylus is small, but the replacement of the new stylus is very expensive). Therefore, this instrument has done enough work in the initial design, resulting in greater efficiency for your work efficiency. The cost and risk of using the instrument are both minimized.
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Roughness profile measuring instrument used in CNC machined parts
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