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Plastic Injection Molds Maker

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Sino Mould is the world famous plastic injection molds maker China, making plastic injection molds for 20 years, is the professional plastic injection molds manufacturer China, supplying high quality injection molds to the all world.
We are the one of the biggest plastic injection molds supplier China, every year we can supply more than 1500 sets of plastic injection molds to our customers. Our main manufacturing scope:
a. Home appliance plastic injection molds,
b. Household plastic injection molds,
c. PET perform molds & package plastic injection molds
d. Pipe fittings plastic injection molds.
We can supply plastic injection molds with high quality, long life time, short cycle time and short delivery time. We have thorough sales service team, professional plastic injection molds making team, and high –tech plastic injection molds processing machines, also we own responsible project management system for plastic injection molds quality controlling. Many customers speak highly of our plastic injection molds, and build a long term business relationship with us. If you want to find a professional plastic injection molds maker in China, pls contact Sino Mould.

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