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Maintenance and maintenance of die casting molds

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Precautions when using the die-casting mold on the machine:
A) Pay attention to the installation direction of the mold. When there is a side sliding structure in the mold, try to open its movement direction parallel to the horizontal direction or open it downwards. Do not place it in the upward opening direction to effectively protect the safety of the side slider and prevent bumps. Side core.
B) Before loading and unloading the mold, install the anti-opening locking block and use the main lifting ring to maintain balance and prevent unnecessary damage.
C) After pressing the mold, remove the anti-opening locking block before opening and closing the mold.
D) After the mold is installed on the die-casting machine, an empty cycle action test is required to check whether the previous operating mechanism of the mold is flexible and whether the positioning device can effectively function.
E) Adjusting the ejection distance Adjust the position of the ejection mechanism on the die casting machine in the empty mold state, so that the distance between the ejection plate of the mold and the movable template limit block is about 5mm.
F) If the mold has a hydraulic system, after the line is connected, the stroke size should be adjusted, and then the sequence action should be selected to prevent interference between the side core pulling and the closing action.
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