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How to control the barrel temperature effectively in the process of injection molding

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In the process of injection molding, ensure that the working temperature in the barrel of the injection molding machine can be kept within the set range according to the requirements of the injection molding process. Accurate temperature control in the precise injection molding is conducive to improving the product quality and the utilization rate of plastic materials, which is very important in the injection molding.

Different plastic products are produced by injection molding. The parameters of the barrel temperature object are different with different preplasticity, different ambient temperature and different production cycle. There is a strong coupling phenomenon between the temperature control of each section of the barrel, so it is very difficult to achieve complete decoupling control. In addition, the object is a large lag system, and the conventional control method will inevitably lead to large overshoot and vibration Therefore, it is necessary to study the adaptive temperature control strategy to achieve high-precision temperature control.

In the process of injection molding, the temperature control mainly includes the temperature control of barrel, nozzle and injection mold. Barrel temperature is the surface heating temperature of the barrel. Because the wall of the barrel is relatively thick, the selection of thermocouple detection points is very important, and the temperature curves at different detection points are quite different. Therefore, double point parallel detection, that is, setting thermocouple on the surface and depth of the barrel at the same time, will get a more stable temperature curve, which is conducive to the accuracy of temperature control.

The temperature of the nozzle directly affects the flow of the plastic melt when it passes through, and has a great influence on the quality of the products. Therefore, the control accuracy of the temperature of the nozzle is required to be higher. Injection mold temperature refers to the surface temperature of the mold cavity contacting with the product, which will significantly affect the filling, cooling and pressure maintaining process.



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