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Benefits of using hot runner for plastic injection molding

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Hot runner system for plastic injection molding saves plastic, shortens molding cycle, reduces production cost and improves efficiency. Hot runner mold is widely used in all developed countries and regions in the world. This is mainly because the hot runner mold has the following notable characteristics:


1, shorten the forming cycle and improve the production efficiency; because there is no restriction of the mainstream and secondary cooling time, the parts can be ejection in time when molding is solidified. Many thin-walled products produced by hot runner mold can be completed in 8 seconds.


2, save plastic material. When the traditional mold is injected, the water mouth is produced, and the high plastic product is not allowed to regenerate two times, because the reuse of the nozzle will degrade the structure and performance of the plastic, and then it will affect the quality of the product. Because there is no cold runner in the hot runner mold, no nozzle material is generated. This is especially significant for the expensive application of plastics. In fact, the main hot runner manufacturers in the world have been developing rapidly in the era of high price of petroleum and plastic raw materials in the world. Because hot runner technology is an effective way to reduce costs, reduce material costs and save costs.


3, reduce defective products, improve product quality; in hot runner mold molding process, plastic melt temperature in the runner system accurately controlled. Plastics can flow into each cavity more uniformly and uniformly, and the result is plastic parts with the same quality. Hot runner molded plastic parts have good gate quality, low residual stress after demoulding, small deformation of plastic parts, and beautiful appearance of injection molded products. So many high quality products in the market are produced by hot runner mold. For example, familiar telephone shells, mobile phone shells, printer shells, computers, and many plastic parts in cars are made of hot runner mold.


4, the elimination of subsequent processes is conducive to the automation of production; the parts are finished after the molding of the hot runner mold, without the need to prune the gate and recycle the cold glue path. It is good for automation of production. Many foreign manufacturers have combined hot runner and automation to improve production efficiency greatly.


5, expand the application of injection molding technology; many advanced plastic forming processes are developed on the basis of hot runner technology. Such as PET pre molding, multi-color injection in the mold, a variety of Materials Co injection process.

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